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Aminithing, PA

Feather Your Nest, MA

Fingertip Fantasies, PA

Diana Fogel Miniatures, PA

Miniature Corner, Too, NC

Dollhouse Miniature Quilts by Theda, VT

Small Wood Studios, PA

Karen Aird Miniatures, NJ

Petite People Plus, NH

Creekside Craftsman, NC

The Woodshed, PA

Carrie's Miniatures, NJ

Jeff Stokes, NJ

R.T.B. Miniatures, PA

Bloomin Minis, PA

D W Miniatures, PA

Jessica's Miniatures, CT

Mini Things, PA

Granny's Little Things, MD

LK Miniatures, NJ

Rebecca & Marjorie Miniatures, PA

Hill Country Miniatures, NJ

Bauder Pine, Ltd., PA
Taylor Jade Miniatures, NJ

A Touch of the Past, PA

NOTE: Dealer Roster Subject to Change